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Halloween is supposed to be a time for fun and candy, but sometimes things can take a harrowing turn and cause Halloween to not be as fun. In order for that to not happen, everyone needs to be aware of Halloween safety. Halloween safety is more than just staying with your parents and not walking off with strangers. We want everyone to be safe this Halloween, so we are going to give you a few tips on how to have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween.

1. Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult

All children should be accompanied by a responsible adult whenever they go out trick or treating. When kids go out trick or treating make sure that you have a plan in place in case you and your child do get separated. Have a spot where you will meet in something were to happen.

2. Make kids visible

Since most people wait until it gets dark to go trick or treating, have your kids carry a flash light, glow stick, or wear reflective tape so that they are visible. This way they can be seen by cars and also to make sure that they can see. Also try to keep your kids away from dark colored costumes. If they do decide to go with a dark colored costume, then invest in some reflective tape.

3. No candy until it is checked

Make sure to let your children know that they should not eat any of their trick or treating candy until they get home and you have examined it. They are stories each year of people find dangerous items in their kids Halloween candy. So it is better safe than sorry. If your kids will not be able to make it until you get home, then one idea is to bring some of your own candy that you can give them if they get a sweet tooth.

4. Plan out your trick or treating route in advance

This is a great idea for everyone. If you plan out your route in advance, then you can have safe spots set up along the way just in case you get separated.

5. Only take candy in the doorway of a home

Kids should only accept candy in the doorway of a home. They should never go inside a house, especially if they or you do not know the homeowners.

6. Use paint instead of masks

If your child has a mask that accompanies their costume, then you may want to think about exchanging the mask for face paint. The mask could get in the way and cause vision issues for your child and that could be a problem especially at night. The face paint will keep their costume looking cool, but also make sure that they can see properly.

7. Make sure costumes are properly fitted

It is a good idea to make sure that your child’s costume fits properly. A costume that is too big or too long is a disaster waiting to happen. Your child could trip and fall and that can sometimes lead to serious damage.

8. Props

If your child’s costume has a prop that comes with it, then make sure that the prop is made out of flexible plastic. This way if your child trips and falls they are less likely to seriously hurt themselves on the prop.

Some people may think that Halloween safety tips take the fun out of Halloween, but a hurt or missing kid can also take the fun out of Halloween. We want all of our readers to be safe this Halloween and we hope that you have a happy Halloween.

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